Nothing of what you search for isn’t there yet. It is already within your possession. You only have to uncover it and claim it back”

Through a combination of clairvoyance, ‘knowing’ and a deeply felt compassion we quickly get to the ‘root’ of your problem. I will learn you how to release in an easy way the negative charge of your problem that is affecting your life and to change those negative frequencies into new, transformed energy.

My way of working

The more distance, the closer I can get

We will work one-on-one, usually on SKYPE or FaceTime for a series of approx. 4 sessions. Each session takes about 50 to 60 minutes depending on the process. At the end of the session I make a customized Code for you that you will do on yourself 2 to 3 times a day, at home for the duration of 2 to 3 weeks. Does it sound to simple to be true? Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know about nature.

What i offer

1 / 4 / 8 sessions (each session takes about 50 to 60 minutes)

1 session: € 60
4 sessions: € 240 or € 220 when paid in advance
8 sessions: € 480 or € 440 when paid in advance

The ’12-category program’

Dr. Alex Loyd, Phd, ND, developed a special program to asess the underlying issues related to the 12 universal areas of life.

Forgiveness / Malicious Conduct / Unhealthy Convictions / Love / Joy / Peace / Patience / Kindness / Goodness / Confidence / Humility / Self-control

Would you like to thorougly heal yourself in all these 12 areas? That is possible! We will do 12 sessions, find the underlying issue, and you will receive 12 Custom Codes. This is a healing pressure cooker over the course of a maximum of 4 months.

12 sessions: € 660 or € 600 when paid in advance


After Summer 2017 I will start with different workshops. More info will follow.

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Feelings are the doorway to (the unhealed images of) the HEART

My sessions are not therapeutic treatments nor a form of counseling. I use my intuitive ability to bring you to a place where we find all of the answers to your stress related problems: the heart! Many methods of breaking habits focus almost exclusively on conscious behavior and thinking. I don’t do that. I focus on your deep-seated emotional attitudes either conscious or subconscious.
For many of us this is very difficult: we either have not been taught – or perhaps not allowed – to be cognizant of what’s going on inside your mind or body, or we get accustomed to turning our pain and hurt over to something or someone else to fix it. But buried feelings are not forgotten, nor will they be forgotten. They live in your subconscious and they govern your thought patterns, beliefs and attitudes. They determine your emotional reactions and are the doorway to the images of your heart.


Whatever you believe with feeling, becomes your reality. If you feel in your brain that you want something in your life, but you unknowingly feel in your heart that you are not worthy of it, you will generally not receive it. The feeling will win rather than your Thinking. In order to become aligned in Body, Mind and Spirit, we must uncover our buried feelings, resolve them and understand what image they belong to.