To empower you to heal yourself

It’s my mission to teach you to heal yourself. By gaining awareness of the thoughts, feelings and convictions with which you “color” your life, we find the images that block your potential and heal the destructive frequencies of those images at cellular level. Body, mind and soul can relax, creating space for new possibilities in your life. You once again feel like a free human being, capable of making choices from the heart!

Finding the unhealed image

Knowing the story of your life and its painful episodes (the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’) does not mean yet that you have liberated the stress charge inherent in this ‘biography’. This, is but a first step to reach your full potential. The crucial, second step would be to heal the negative charge that is deeply embedded in your cells. It is my mission to throw light on your matters and to give you a toolbox that enables you to heal all of the negative aspects of your life story by yourself. At the same time we will create new pictures that resonate with truth and are in alignment with your essence: unlimited potential.

How I healed myself

In 1994, I experienced a trauma. All of a sudden, my long cherished dream turned into a nightmare with only one picture in mind: I cannot be nervous and I cannot fail. For two and a half years I lived in extreme stress: insomnia, paralyzing fears, skin problems and physical pain throughout the whole body. After a long search, the real turning point in my life came with the Healing Codes: within one year I had healed myself from deeply embedded stress patterns. After 26 years I once again live my full potential as a free woman, feeling confident and full of joy. I have experienced what stress means in every possible way. My pain has become my gain: I know what stress can cause in your life and how to turn stress into healthy life patterns.

Starting yourself with the Universal Code

Do you want to get started yourself? On Alex Loyd’s website – – you can do several tests to see which areas of your life there are possibly unconscious issues. See:

Relationship Issue Finder
Succes Issue Finder
Heart Issue Finder

Once you have filled in these “finders”, you will receive an email which includes a scored assessment of every major area in your life: Forgiveness / Malicious Conduct / Unhealthy Convictions / Love / Joy / Peace / Patience / Kindness / Goodness / Confidence / Humility / Self-control
A high score means that there is still a lot of negative energy present in this area. A low score means that you live fairly or completely in accordance with your own deep truth nurtured by love.

The Universal Code – which is freely available – allows you to begin the healing of the issues that score high in the test. In the book of Alex Loyd ‘the Healing Code’ he describes how to work with this Code and also provides an extensive scientific substantiation of this method and its origin. You can also order various packages on his website to get started with Healing Code.