Els turns a smile on your face. With her empowering nature and immense heart, she can touch your soul and let you connect (again) with your own radiant space. Els is very sharp in picking up information and quickly comes to the point. The Custom Healing codes are very effective and easily applicable in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
SS, Nederland ENGELS
Through the Healing Codes I gained a lot of insight in multi generational issues in my life. The Healing Codes have strengthened my conviction that I can heal these deep-rooted patterns myself. Working with Els has brought me inner peace, harmony and much more self-love. I am very grateful to Els for her support.
HvD, Nederland
Els is very real and very honest. This is something that cannot be faked and that really resonates in me. With her innate intuition she just ‘taps into’ whatever is present and works from that. Through her integrity and using the Codes, I gained a very deep understanding of who I truly am, or can be. Life seems a lot less overwhelming. I can really recommend working with Els, I am very grateful.
AT, Nederland
I actually experienced all sessions as very special. It seemed that by making an appointment with Els alone the transformation would already start. Each time in a session I came so close to my essence and that felt really good! Els has guided me along in a very sensitive manner – she is very good at it! I have always felt supported which made me feel confident to open up myself completely. It’s really deep!
LL, Nederland
Els is a very good listener and a very intuitive person. She always seems to know what is bothering me and knows how to put it into words. She also has the ability to ask me just the right questions and is very good at making me feel at ease mainly by saying it is ok not to know the answer. Overall the Healing Codes have helped me in feeling far less stressed, sleeping better and gaining insight in myself and my hidden issues.
AK, Nederland
Although I had practiced the Healing Codes myself before, I really took big steps forward working with Els. Healing myself on my own didn’t succeed. I didn’t feel any differences with the situation before. Els really takes my hand and helps me forward in a way I couldn’t do myself. Els knows how to put it into words and knows how to get to the point. The Healing Codes have helped me tremendously on an emotional level: feeling more calm, experiencing more joy and feeling more connected to life itself. I can also think much more clearly and I got to see why I felt so stuck in life.
LB, Nederland
It’s hard to describe the deeply powerful and transformative effect Els wisdom and kindness had in my life. Through her and the Healing Codes I came to see and to clear deep rooted blocks in my life – the clearing of these blocks gave me so much strength and helped me to stand in my own power. Els possesses such empathy and patience in each session. I found working with her a truly transformative and empowering experience. I am so thankful for her, the Healing Codes and her gentle but powerful feminine wisdom in helping to heal myselfMP, Ierland
Although I have only recently begun working with you and your healing codes, I am already so grateful that I have stumbled upon this opportunity to receive such profound healing! I always look forward to my sessions with you, and after every session I feel very much at peace and at the same time happy and motivated to fully enjoy my life 🙂 You have a very unique way of connecting yourself with my emotions, and you have somehow managed to connect me to memories that I would not otherwise have recalled, and which I now realise are a very important step on my personal healing journey. You have a sensitive, open heart and a very strong instinct that guides me beautifully through these sessions. I cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to all the healing that we have ahead of us! 🙂 
OJ, Oostenrijk
Els and the healing codes came on my path at the right time.
After a heavy burn-out of years ago I had found myself back to a certain extent, but I was still suffering from an unexplainable feeling of restlessness. In a few sessions Els gave me a lot of insight into the underlying issues. Where I did not know the answer to questions or did not think so, Els could help me further through her clarity, compassion and sharp intuition. She brought me over and over again to places I could not reach nor find and put her finger on the problem. I started to feel myself better each time after I had received a Customized Healing Code. I have done 10 sessions with Els and the last one has been a few months ago. It is through her skilled way of working that I have finally found peace in my life which I had longed for so long. Thank you, dear Els!
AvZ, Nederland